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The best letter you'll read all week: Second-grader's Olympic tetherball plea

U.S. Olympic Team Facebook page

You may be seeing a lot of petitions lately with Election Day right around the corner, but I'm pretty sure you haven't seen one as cute as this!

Earlier this week the United States Olympic Committee posted a letter they received from a kid named Ruby Harris on their Facebook page. In this letter, the second grader from Denver, Colorado asks for tetherball to be included in the Olympics and makes sure to include the sport's rules ("the ball hast [sic] to go around once before you can hit it") along with a helpful illustration. She added the P.S. "I'm a second grader just so you know." The post has gotten more than 14,000 likes and been shared 500 times.

According to Vanessa Virbitsky, associate manager of communications for the United States Olympic Committee, the committee was so touched by the letter that they are inviting Ruby to be a special guest at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Ruby will even be able to give the resident athletes a tetherball lesson. 

Way to go, Ruby! We hope you're able to convince any tetherball skeptics that it's a sport worthy of recognition!

TODAY.com writer Lisa Granshaw has never played tetherball. Maybe Ruby should stop by 30 Rock and give her a lesson!