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Their wedding photos are ready – after only 88 years


The beaming couple had their picture taken as part of an initiative by local amateur photographers to take pictures for elderly couples who were unable to have them when they were married.

Eighty-eight years after getting married, a Chinese couple have finally gotten their wedding photos taken -- and they're still smiling.

Cameras were scarce in China in 1924, when Wu Conghan, 101, and wife Wu Sognshi, 103, tied the knot, so they have no photos from their big day. But nearly nine decades later, they re-created the happiness of the event.

In the long overdue pics, Sognshi wears a full wedding gown and veil and holds a bouquet of roses, while Conghan sports a jacket, white shirt and bow tie. Leaning on their canes for support in one photo and sitting down in others, the couple are all smiles.


Wu Conghan, 101, and wife Wu Sognshi, 103, had their wedding photos taken 88 years later because cameras were scarce in China when they were married in 1924.


A local photographer snapped the keepsake shots as part of an initiative started by a collective of photographers in the couple’s hometown of Nanchong, in Sichuan province. As part of the program, local photographers have volunteered to take pictures of elderly couples who were not able to have pictures taken at their weddings.


The happy couple check out their wedding photos on a laptop.

After posing for the pictures, the smiling couple were able to view them on a laptop. The local villagers then held a wedding celebration for them.


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