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School board member resigns after hitting student with her car in parking-spot spat

By Laura T. Coffey, TODAY
A school board member in Georgia has resigned after deputies said she rammed her SUV into a 17-year-old who was trying to save a Walmart parking spot by standing in it.

Angela Cornett, vice chairwoman of the Bartow County School Board in Cartersville, Ga., stepped down from her position on Thursday, according to a letter sent by her law firm to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal. “Mrs. Cornett is resigning from the School Board for personal and family reasons,” the letter reads.

Bartow County sheriff’s deputies arrested Cornett on Friday after the altercation in a busy Walmart parking lot after the holidays. The scuffle began when Emily Gulledge, 17, a high school senior in the Bartow County School District, stood in a parking spot in order to save it for her brother’s girlfriend, who had recently given birth.

“(Cornett) approached and rolled down her window and told me to move,” Gulledge told NBC News. “I very politely said, ‘I’m saving the parking space.’ She tells me to move again and she rams me with her vehicle. ...

“I was the child in the situation and she acted like the child.”

The incident was caught on video, which deputies examined. They also measured the tire tread marks on Gulledge’s jeans. Cornett has been charged with reckless conduct, a misdemeanor.

“I can’t believe that somebody would actually hit somebody with their vehicle, especially over a parking space,” Gulledge told NBC News. “That isn’t really important at all.” 

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