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Prince Charles shares worries, hopes for 'future grandchild'

Prince Charles spoke about wanting to leave a better environment for his future grandchild in a rare television interview Monday in which he also opened up about his fears as a military dad.

The Prince of Wales, a lifelong environmentalist and champion against global warming, said he became even more determined to protect the environment after learning he would become a grandfather.

“I don’t want to be confronted by my future grandchild saying, 'Why didn’t you do something?'” the heir to the British throne said in a pre-recorded interview for British station ITV. “It makes it even more obvious to try and make sure we leave them something that isn’t a totally poisoned chalice.”

Last month, officials from St. James Palace announced Prince William was expecting his first child after his wife, Kate, was admitted to the hospital for severe morning sickness.

Prince Charles, 64, also expressed concern about his younger son, Prince Harry, an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan serving his second tour of duty. Last September, Harry’s base was attacked by the Taliban.

That danger is a constant presence in the mind of anyone who has loved ones serving in the military, Prince Charles said.

“If you are a parent or relation to a loved one and that person is away in these incredibly dangerous and challenging circumstance, I know you worry all the time,” he said. “Certainly every night before I go to bed I worry. But he (Harry) loves doing what he’s doing. He’s brilliant at it.” 

He added that it helps to know Harry's work helps protect other troops on the ground.

“I constantly meet the families of those who’ve lost their sons or husbands or brothers or sisters. I have some understanding at least of what they go through.”

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