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Wedding crashers: Hot air balloon wedding accident caught on video

Bride and groom Jonathan and Kerin Narcisse, along with six friends and family members, took to the skies for their dream wedding. But shortly after the "I dos," they gave new meaning to the term "wedding crashers."

Talk about a bumpy start to a marriage. When Jonathan and Kerin Narcisse took to the skies in a hot air balloon with friends and family to exchange vows, they didn’t expect a crash landing.

Shortly after the couple exchanged “I dos,” the basket began to swing like a pendulum in strong wind gusts – weather that soon thrust the balloon, wedding party and all, into a fence in San Diego.

None of the wedding crashers, which along with the couple included 11 others and the balloon's operator, suffered serious injuries – only a few scrapes and bruises.

"Fortunately we didn't end our marriage the day we began it," Jonathan joked.

Mark Carlile, who saw the chaos from his backyard, rushed toward the crash: “We heard a lot of screaming, so we ran up there as fast as we could and found a bride and groom, a wedding party, and a bunch of very relieved people."

The newlyweds, now on their honeymoon, weren’t fazed by the event.

The bride reflected, “If I get married again, I'll get married in a hot air balloon."


Jonathan and Kerin Narcisse and their party are OK after an unexpectedly bumpy start to married life.

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