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Chelsea Clinton: Hillary is 'as vibrant as ever'

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to be as “vibrant as ever” after her hospitalization for a blood clot in her head and should return to “full health very soon,” her daughter said Tuesday on TODAY.

“She is exuding the energy, the vibrancy and certainly the mental acuity that she always has,” Chelsea Clinton told Matt Lauer. “I’m so grateful that she is not only fine, but healthy and vibrant and strong and, God willing, will be for the next 65 years of her life.”

Clinton’s mother returned to work last week at the State Department after nearly a month away. She sustained a concussion in December after she fainted and hit her head while suffering from a stomach bug. The concussion is believed to have led to the blood clot.

Chelsea Clinton was asked about her mother while describing her role as the honorary chair for the National Day of Service, an all-day summit Saturday that will kick off inaugural festivities.

Organizations in all 50 states are sponsoring more than 2,000 volunteer events Saturday to encourage Americans to serve their communities.

Clinton said she hopes the events will start a “renewed commitment to service in our country.” They also provide an opportunity for young adults to demonstrate their dedication to improving their community.

“All of the studies show that younger Americans, the so-called Millennials, actually are even more engaged than older generations, so it appears that we’re becoming more generous as we move in the 21st century, particularly in donating our time,” she said.

Clinton said parents, schools and faith communities should strive to provide as many volunteer opportunities as possible “so that children grow up thinking of service as part of what it means to be a good person, part of what it means to be an American citizen.”

Clinton expressed gratitude that her mother and father, former President Bill Clinton, engaged her in community service like working at soup kitchens and picking out books to donate to their church library.

“For me, it was always just part of being a kid, being part of my family and being a part of my community and an American,” she told Lauer. “And I hope parents like you will do that on Saturday and throughout the rest of the year.”

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