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7 best Joe Biden faces during inauguration

He's an open book! Vice President Joe Biden's expressions lit up social media during Monday's inauguration festivities. 

Whether it was pointing both index fingers, throwing his head back and laughing, giving a bemused look to Beyonce or sharing a chuckle with President Obama, there was rarely a dull moment for our VP.

See our favorite seven faces below (including when he shook hands with our own Al Roker). 

Tannen Maury / EPA

Biden shares a laugh with President Obama during the inauguration ceremony on the West Front of the US Capitol.

Joe Skipper / Reuters

Biden waves to the crowd in his usual animated fashion during the inaugural parade.

Gerald Herbert / AP

Not content with one or the other, Biden gives both the thumbs up and the finger point as he and Obama watch the inaugural parade.

Biden has a bemused look on his face as Beyonce sings the National Anthem.

Allison Shelley / Getty Images

Biden has a laugh with Senator Lamar Alexander and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, at the inaugural luncheon.

Tannen Maury / EPA

Biden breaks out a puzzling look for the crowd while walking along Pennsylvania Avenue in the inaugural parade.


Al Roker scores the "first interview" with newly inaugurated Joe Biden.

Bonus shot! Though we can't see the VP's full face (hence why we skipped adding it to the list above), Biden wearing sunglasses lit up social media earlier in the morning. Read our post here.

Nicholas Kamm / AFP - Getty Images

The sun never sets on cool. Biden dons sunglasses as he exits the car before the traditional inauguration church service.