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School staff duct-taped girl with Down syndrome to her shoes


Shaylyn Searcy, 8, came home with her ankles duct-taped to her shoes.

An Indiana family is furious this week after their daughter, who has Down syndrome, came home from school with her shoes duct-taped painfully to her ankles.

Shaylyn Searcy, 8, was in a special needs class at Westlake Elementary School in Indianapolis. When she got home from school on Monday, her parents Nate and Elizabeth Searcy were shocked to see what someone had done to her with duct tape.

"It was wrapped from top to bottom and all the way around all sides of her ankles, probably within an inch and a half to two inches," Elizabeth told NBC affiliate WTHR-TV.

"This is how you do my child? This is not acceptable," Nate added.

The parents told the TV station that while the school has contacted them before about Shalynn taking her shoes off, they couldn't believe the extreme measures someone used to force her to keep them on.

"They could have called like they normally do but they did not call and I could have come to get her like I have before. But they did not call," Elizabeth said.

Nate told local station WISH-TV that he heard from another parent that numerous school staffers were involved in the situation with his daughter.

“One lady who was waiting for her child said she heard Shaylyn's name mentioned and (Shaylyn) kept telling them ‘let me up, let me up,’” Searcy told the station. “There (were) three teachers surrounding her and telling her ‘no, you stay put, and pushed her out in the stroller or wheelchair or whatever the thing was.”

After launching an investigation, the school has reportedly put employees involved with the incident on leave, including one teacher and other staffers. It's too little too late for the Searcys, who said they are removing their daughter from the class.

"Not after this, no," Nate said. "They have crossed the line with this one."


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