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'So scary': Midair jet scare cuts David Copperfield's journey in half

A plane carrying magician and illusionist David Copperfield made an emergency landing in Peoria, Ill., early Monday after strange noises were heard.

Copperfield, who is known for making the Statue of Liberty disappear on television and levitating over the Grand Canyon, was on his way from Las Vegas to New York City where he had been scheduled to appear on TODAY.  

No injuries were reported.

Copperfield recorded the flight's mysterious crackling sound on his cell phone, which he played on TODAY Monday in an interview via Skype from Peoria. 

"We were 37,000 feet in the air and I recorded (the strange noise) because it was lasting for a long time,'' Copperfield said. "I heard this sound (crackling), and it wouldn't stop. I felt kind of freaked out and they told us we have to it go back for our descent. We were going in a spiral with G force, and we finally got to the ground...and it turned out there was snow all around.'' 

In a series of tweets, Copperfield described the incident as "so scary":


Even while grounded in a hangar in Peoria, Copperfield still had time to fit in an illusion for TODAY, making an airport worker appear from behind a blanket. 

Copperfield was set to kick off TODAY's Magic Mondays series. He will return to Las Vegas from Peoria on Monday for two scheduled shows at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, and will be back on TODAY in a week. 

"I can't wait to see you next Monday,'' he said. 

Do you have the magic touch? Read more about Magic Mondays here! 

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