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Bob Costas raps Ludacris lyrics in hilarious video

Bob Costas showed off his rap skills.

Bob Costas has made his name as a sports anchor, but he may want to consider a second act in the music business.

Costas proved his street cred Tuesday night by giving “props to Ludacris” when asked on the MLB Network about his favorite rapper.

After issuing a disclaimer to the “youngsters out there,” Costas gave a nod to Ludacris for featuring him in the track, “Hip Hop Quotables.”

“Although he was not the only one, I think he was the first one to namecheck me. I believe it went something like this,” Costas explained before proceeding to rap the lyrics:

“I be rollin’ torpedoes, get blunted with Rastas. And for a hefty fee, I’m on your record, like Bob Costas.”

Costas said that after hearing his name in the song, he knew he could “get hit by a bus” and die knowing, “I’ve lived a full life. It’s all good.”

As for Ludacris, he seemed to love the shout-out. 

“Woke up to Bob Costas singing my song…LOL,” the rapper tweeted Wednesday.