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Kevin Ware: I don't quite remember call from Michelle Obama

As Louisville’s Kevin Ware recovers from a broken right leg suffered in the NCAA Tournament on Sunday, he has received tweets from celebrities and even a phone call from First Lady Michelle Obama.

A self-proclaimed “shy guy,’’ Ware told Craig Melvin on TODAY Thursday that he appreciated the support. But the details of the first lady's call remain a little fuzzy.

“I was so drugged, honestly,’’ Ware said, laughing.

Ware, 20, underwent surgery to repair his right leg, which was broken in two places in the first half of a win over Duke in the Midwest Regional final. The sophomore guard was released by the hospital and returned to the Louisville campus on Tuesday. He plans on being on the bench supporting the Cardinals in their Final Four game on Saturday against Wichita State.

Doctors expect him to make a full recovery, and Ware is determined to return to the court, which could take six to eight months.

“I’ll be back starting next season,’’ Ware told Melvin.

Ware has not watched the video of his injury, which occurred when he tried to block a 3-point attempt by Duke near the Louisville sideline and his right leg snapped as he landed on the floor.

“I haven’t (watched the video), don’t want to,’’ Ware said. “I’m going to stay as far from that video as possible.’’

At first, Ware said, he thought it was only a sprained ankle before he saw the anguished face of coach Rick Pitino.

“Coach P’s eyes gave it away,’’ Ware said. “Looking at him and looking at my leg, it was like automatic shock.’’

Though his fans and teammates were weeping at the sight of his injury, Ware was more worried about winning the game.

“I can’t be crying sitting here,’’ he said. “We have a whole other half to go. They put me on the stretcher to leave the game, and I’m still grabbing shirts, I’m all in their faces (saying), ‘You got to win this game, let’s get it done.’’’

His teammates delivered an 85-63 win, bringing them two victories away from the program’s first national championship since 1986 and the third in school history.

“I was so happy when I woke up the next day and saw that Final Four trophy,’’ Ware said.

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