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Michelle Obama: My bangs are 'a little irritating'

Saul Loeb / AFP - Getty Images

First Lady Michelle Obama, seen on Thursday at the White House, said this week she's having some growing pains with her bangs.

Few of Michelle Obama's fashion moves have made headlines faster than the bangs she started sporting earlier this year, but it seems like the first lady is starting to suffer from new 'do fatigue.

Mrs. Obama, who called the bangs her "mid-life crisis" in February, told Entertainment Tonight this week that her famous fringe is "getting a little irritating."

The first lady first busted out the bangs in January, just before husband Barack Obama took the stage at his second Presidential Inauguration.

Feedback was fairly mixed, with fans and critics sounding off on the style choice. The bangs were such a viral sensation that someone even started a @MichellesBangs parody account, and designer Karl Lagerfeld famously dismissed them as "a bad idea."

But while bangs are a fun way to mix up a hairstyle, caring for them can become a pretty serious commitment, and it looks like Mrs. Obama is starting to take on that burden.

Cameras spotted daughter Malia trying to fix Michelle Obama's hair this weekend, and FLOTUS sounded off on them to reporters earlier this week.

"It's fun but you know, I'm like a girl, what's next?" she told Entertainment Tonight at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. "The bangs are a day-by-day proposition. They're starting to grow out, getting a little irritating."

But don't think the first lady's going to let a little hair woe get her down. "It's ok," she added. "We'll be good."

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